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Simplifying Legal Matters

Family law deals specifically with legal issues that arise within marriages and de facto relationships, and particularly the financial and other implications that can occur when family relationships breakdown.

Our team of experienced family lawyers at RobertsLaw understand that this time in your life can be one of the most difficult you will ever have to face. This is why we are committed to providing Gold Coast families with the very Best Family Law Lawyers, who are dedicated to providing the very best legal outcomes. We are caring and compassionate lawyers who really understand the nature and difficulties of family dissolution. We have been assisting in gold coast family law cases for over 45 years.

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Take the First Step

Making early contact with an experienced family law lawyer places you in the best legal position possible, so it is often vital that you contact a family lawyer as soon as a separation appears likely.

Our lawyers work with you to quickly and cost-effectively resolve your family legal matters. We will explain your legal rights and obligations and outline all of your options, including for dispute resolution.  We work with you to secure an agreed settlement and help you avoid expensive litigation.  Our Gold Coast family lawyers work with you to ensure your family achieves the very best outcomes available. 

Amanda Tomlinson is a Family Law Accredited Specialist and has over 19 years’ experience as a family lawyer helping families all across the Gold Coast, Queensland and interstate. For sound family legal advice and strong legal representation in your family law matter, contact our Accredited Specialist in Family Law Amanda.


An extensive experience in a wide range of family law matters including:


Property Settlement & Maintenance

Children & Parenting Arrangements

Family Law / De Facto Agreements & Consent Orders

Court Applications and Litigation

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To formally end your marriage, an application must be made to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.  You should obtain legal advice to understand your full legal rights and responsibilities, before applying for a divorce. Our family law solicitors can assist you in making this process simple and stress-free. Our divorce lawyers will explain how the law applies to your circumstances and provide you with the guidance you need to successfully manage this process.

Property Settlement & Spousal Maintenance

The family law regime recognises all types of relationships; so, whether you are married or de facto you need to be aware of your entitlements when it comes to property division and spousal maintenance.

There are many factors that will affect your own individual entitlements, as all relationships are unique.  Therefore, it is important to have your own specific entitlements assessed by a professional legal family lawyer.  Our family lawyers have assisted many clients at mediation to resolve an agreement without court intervention.  If an agreement is reached with your former partner then the terms of any settlement can be recorded in a formal settlement agreement by our specialist lawyer.  RobertsLaw can also assist you if court proceedings become necessary.

The financial implications of separation require careful consideration as decisions made during the property settlement process can have long lasting effects for the future.  Taking family law advice early can be vital to ensuring you have the information you need to make decisions to secure your financial future.

Children & Parenting Arrangements

The best interests of the children is the most important principle in determining what arrangements should be made for children in separating families, and this should be the overriding factor in all parenting decisions.

If you are able to reach an agreement with your former partner about parenting arrangements either by talking to each other, attending a family dispute resolution service or by negotiation through a lawyer, then you can formalise that agreement by entering into a Parenting Plan or a Consent Order.

A Parenting Plan is a written agreement about parenting arrangements. These agreements can include provisions for children to live with, spend time with and have communication with each parent if doing so is in the child’s interests.

An agreement for parenting arrangements can also be formalised by a Consent Order.  A Consent Order does not require you to make an appearance in Court but does involve a formal application to Court for an examination by a court Registrar.  We can assist you in this process.

You should seek legal advice from our Family Law Specialist to ensure that you record any agreement for your parenting arrangements in a way that best suits your family circumstances.

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Family Law / De Facto Agreements & Consent Orders

There are a number of ways to finalise property division and spousal maintenance agreements amicably without having to go to Court.  This can be achieved in property and financial matters by entering into a Financial Agreement (a private contract) or a Consent Order (a court order without a court appearance).

Financial Agreements can also be utilised to create financial security and certainty by those considering entering into a marriage or a de facto relationship, or those who are already in one of those relationships, even if you have not and currently do not intend to separate.

There are strict requirements that must be met for a Financial Agreement to be legally valid, and therefore, it is important to ensure that you seek legal advice from our Specialist Family Lawyer if you are considering entering into one of these documents.


Court Applications and Litigation

Court action is usually started as a last resort but can be an important step to take where time is running out, where a matter is urgent or particularly complex, where there are intractable disputes between former partners, or where a specific Order is required to compel a particular action or prevent a particular action by a former partner.

There is usually no impediment to immediate court action for property and financial matters if necessary.  However, if you intend making an Application to Court about parenting matters then you may need to first attend family dispute resolution with your former partner unless your circumstances involve a matter of urgency, family violence, or you otherwise qualify as an exception to the rule.