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We provide legal advice in the area of commercial litigation on the Gold Coast. This is an area of law that can cover a wide range of matters. 



Sometimes you may have to go to Court. It is certainly an outcome from which we always plan to protect our clients, but faced with commercial greed or an unpreparedness to negotiate by another party, it is something everybody, particularly in business, must be prepared for.

It takes courage and determination for any person to succeed in litigation, if they have the right legal team supporting them.

We have the right team for you and have a large number of expert barristers in many fields that we retain exclusively for our clients.

If you have a litigation issue, then plan to see us before it is too late. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.

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Our Solicitors have expertise in all of the following areas:

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Take the First Step

One of the greatest causes of concern among business advisors is the absence of proper planning that new business owners undertake before they get their project underway. It is not uncommon for someone to sign a contract to purchase a $150,000.00> business, but how many baulk at seeing a solicitor first to discuss their asset holdings and spend < $1500.00 on the proper structure to avoid the pain of losing everything if the business fails.

Our team have assisted business owners with business agreements, planning and structuring from small concerns to multi-million dollar businesses. Speaking to our team is the first step to placing you on the right path for your business success.


Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party is engaged to assist parties in dispute reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Mediation is increasingly used to facilitate discussion and communication between parties to a dispute, and is often utilised as a cost-effective alternative to litigation. Sometimes, the Court will even direct parties in litigation to try mediation.

Generally, mediation is an informal process that allows the parties to have a confidential exchange of views about their dispute and the ways in which it might be able to be settled.

Parties can choose to have legal representation at a mediation. The role of a lawyer is to advise and assist their clients in the course of mediation and to discuss with the Mediator, and with each other, such legal evidentiary or practical matters as the Mediator may suggest or their clients might wish.

If agreement is reached, terms of settlement are signed by the parties at the end of the mediation. Each party should ensure that they are in total agreement with the terms of settlement, as it is a legally binding document once signed.

If you require assistance with a dispute, or if mediation is of interest to you, RobertsLaw can help.

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Commercial Disputes

Whether you have a property dispute, a debt dispute or are trying to resolve a property or business dispute, our experienced gold coast commercial lawyers understand how to work towards resolving the issue to avoid taking the parties to court, which can be time consuming and costly.

In some cases, Litigation is necessary to resolve disputes and our commercial lawyers have years of experience to draw on to assist our clients, whether it be a Magistrates, District or Supreme Court action that is required. Our lawyers have acted for Global entitles in seeking urgent injunctions after Court hours and successfully litigated for clients in claims from $20,000 to over $6,000,000. We look forward to assisting you to resolve your dispute.

Take the next step and contact our team to find out the best option for your situation.

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Franchising is one of the fastest growing business sectors in Australia. Franchising is a unique way of doing business, built on mutual trust. The introduction of the Franchising Code of Conduct, which is a mandatory code which must be complied with by all franchise systems, is something that all businesses in this area need to be aware of.

The purpose of the code is to assist franchisees and franchisors make an informed decision prior to entering into a franchise agreement and to provide a framework for dispute resolution. The code brings protection for those entering into, renewing or extending franchise agreements, primarily by providing better information on which to make the decision whether or not to invest in a franchised business.

Here at RobertsLaw we can advise you, regarding franchising law, of your rights and obligations and action that can be taken by or against your business if there is a breach. It is strongly recommended that franchisors and franchisees seek legal advice prior to entering into a franchise agreement. This should assist each party to better understand their obligations and also assist to avoid disputes between the parties in the future. If you need advice on your rights regarding franchising, RobertsLaw can help.