Own your property outright?

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    Have you read the news lately? Scams are rife in Australia, so protecting yourself should be top of mind, in particular those high value assets such as property.

    If you own any real estate in Queensland that does NOT have a mortgage registered on it, we recommend you immediately instruct Roberts Law to lodge a non-lapsing caveat on it, to protect your property against a fraudulent mortgage or fraudulent sale. This advice is as a consequence of the current electronic titling system now used in Queensland.

    Prior to electronic title, if you or we held your title deed in hard copy, no fraudster could touch your property without first producing your title deed. A Registration Confirmation statement does not give you any protection!

    An alternative form of protection is to hold an existing mortgage on your property, even if you have paid it out (and/or wish to maintain it for a present or future line of credit with your bank).

    For more information on your property rights, contact Philip Roberts, for a consultation. Keep an eye out on our WINTER 2024 Newsletter for updates to the Property Law Act.