Electronic Settlements

Electronic Settlements

Pexa settlements are the way of the future!

Pexa (Property Exchange Australia) provides electronic settlements throughout Australia. With a Pexa settlement the funds are instantaneously deposited directly into your account, making the wait for bank cheque clearance a thing of the past, if you are selling.  If you are buying, you obtain registration of your ownership immediately.

Pexa settlements are compulsory in New South Wales & Victoria. In Queensland they are not currently compulsory, so there is still a combination of Pexa and paper settlements in Queensland. For a Pexa settlement, client identification is of the upmost importance and clients will need to provide us with the required identification, well before settlement e.g. 1. Drivers licence 2. Passport.

For more information on PEXA and any other conveyancing matters, please call our office and ask for our Conveyancer, Kim on 07 5530 5700.